All Parameters of Wheel Rims- At a Glance!

All Parameters of Wheel Rims- At a Glance!

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The rim designation indicates whether a rim may be used for a vehicle. If you want to drive other sizes, you need to know the individual wheel rim marking values to check the permissibility of the new wheels. But what values are binding and which ones may vary?

Like all components of a car, are the wheels standardized? In order to precisely differentiate the many different dimensions, constructions, and designs, there is a unique rim design like 22 Escalade rims for each model.

This is punctured as a digit and letter sequence in the area of the wheel hub bore or on one of the spokes. Each vehicle may only with certain rims dimensions are driven. What these are, the manufacturer prescribes using the permitted rims names. If you want to find matching rims models at reasonable prices, can here perform an independent and free price comparison .

The individual values of the rim designation

A typical rim design has the following structure:

7.5 J x 15 H2 ET 30 LK 5×120

The letters and numbers give this exact information on design, size and texture of a rim . In detail, the key figures have the following meanings:

  • 5 : width of the rim in inches (opening width)
  • J : indicator for the condition of the rim flange (rim contour)
  • x : Code letter for the construction of the rim (here: base rim)
  • 15 : rim diameter in inches
  • H2 : execution of the rim well (here: Doppelhump construction)
  • ET 30 : Offset in millimeters
  • LK 5×120 : diameter and texture of the hole circle (here: 5 holes for studs with a pitch diameter of 120 millimeters)

Can I also mount wheels with different rim designations?

Wheel size

The USArim rim’s designation can be found in the operating instructions of the vehicle.

The rim designations of used wheels must always comply with the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. The wheel rim dimensions for a vehicle are listed in the operating instructions. If the values of the rim designation are different, it must be checked whether the new wheels can be mounted on the vehicle at all, and on the other hand a manufacturer or TÜV approval must guarantee the driving safety.

For example, have hub bore hole diameter and number of holes exactly match the hub of the vehicle. On the other hand, a rim can not be secured and securely fastened.

(Exception: Some variations of pitch circle diameter and number of holes can be compensated for by special adapter plates Here, however, necessarily longer screws are to be used, otherwise the length of engagement is not achieved..)

Another important criterion is the offset . If it is chosen wrongly, negative effects on the range and steering geometry of a vehicle can result.


The exact designation of the rim must be observed when purchasing new wheels. In addition, all motor vehicle attachments must have a general operating license (ABE).