Car Cravings: Top Careers for People Who Love and Live to Drive

Car Cravings: Top Careers for People Who Love and Live to Drive

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Have you always loved taking drives, even if you didn’t have a set destination?  The drive was what was satisfying.  A destination was just a means to getting on the road and behind the wheel.  Those who love driving don’t need to settle for limited trips to the grocery store and infrequent visits to see relatives.  One can make a good living driving a vehicle.  If you live to drive, then you may love the idea of making money engaging in the following professions.

Truck Driver

Probably one of the most obvious choices, those who love driving can make money behind the wheel of a truck.  Truck drivers are compensated well due to the rigors of the position.  However, some restrictions apply.  One must be at least 21, have a commercial driver’s license, and pass a physical.  According to industry sites, a truck driver can make an average annual salary of about $50,000, yet bonuses and special assignments may apply.  Those who do extreme driving (on icy, curvy roads for example) can make over $100,000 annually.

Stunt Driver

Do you feel the need for speed but tired of paying for traffic violations?  You may be qualified to become a stunt driver, taking part in filming movies and television scenes that involve hair-raising chases, extreme maneuvers, and dangerous crash scenes.  You don’t need to have acting experience yet it may be easier to get a job if you can act and look good on camera.  Like extreme-condition riders, stunt drivers can make six figures while enjoying long periods of vacation.

Factory Test Driver

Car manufacturers are constantly striving to improve the performance and comfort of produced models.  Manufacturing and then getting feedback is not as effective as hiring factory test drivers who can provide the intelligence manufacturers need to refine and pivot production endeavors.  However, companies won’t hire any walk-in.  Those who are factory drivers often have some sort of background in mechanics and engineering.  Alternatively, if you presently work for an automotive company, you may advantage by inquiring about on-the-job training.  Factory test drivers make an average of about $70,000 per year.  Go to this site to get information on about Hyundai and current models.

Private Chauffeur

When you’re working for the super wealthy, there’s no defined pay ceiling.  On average, private chauffeurs are reported to make about $70,000 per year, yet anecdotes relay incomes and perks reaching into six-figure compensation.  Such a position is relative to the employer.  You may be making multiple trips throughout a city environment or hired to drive children and family members wherever they wish for set periods throughout the week.

Highway Patrol Officer

Do you like the idea of upholding the law and spending your days and nights cruising the open highway?  You may be a contender for becoming a highway patrol officer.  Base salary exceeds $70,000 and cadets don’t need a college degree, yet each state’s requirements and trooper test will vary.

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