Cutting Edge: Go Karts are Great and They’re Going Green

Cutting Edge: Go Karts are Great and They’re Going Green

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Who doesn’t love riding in a go kart? It’s certainly a fun and exhilarating experience. But if you’ve driven a gas-powered kart, you’ll know they can be noisy and they produce harmful emissions. This can make the exciting experience a little less pleasurable. Luckily, there are electric go karts on the market. They perform better, they are safer and they are more environmentally conscious.

Electric go karts are especially popular on indoor tracks since gas-powered vehicles would require costly ventilation systems. However, people looking to protect the environment may also want to acquire them for personal outdoor usage. If you’re already seeking one of the best electric racing go karts, you’re definitely on the right track. If you’re still on the fence here are the five main reasons why racing enthusiasts prefer eco-friendly carts.


Electric karts accelerate really fast, thanks to greater torque. This makes them perfect for quick take offs and off-road activities. According to, electric go karts have 20 HP compared to 6.5 to 9HP in gas vehicles.  They can run at full power for 30 minutes or more when fully charged and reach speeds of 85 miles per hour. If it’s speed you want, that’s what you’ll get.


Electric go karts have four batteries which help to distribute their weight evenly. This also makes the vehicle heavier, meaning it is less likely to flip than a kart running off gas. The absence of gasoline also significantly reduces the possibility of fire so you don’t have to wear a fire protective suit. In addition, you are unlikely to get burned since all the operating components are under the body. Add four-point safety belts and you really are as secure as possible.


We’re all conscious of the harmful effects of fuel emissions these days. Electric go-karts score major points since there are no exhaust fumes or smoke. This is not just important for outdoor activities but also indoor tracks. An enclosed environment would require special ventilation systems for gas powered vehicles or the fumes would make drivers and spectators ill. Electric go karts produce no emissions and  are definitely winning in this area as well.


Electric go karts require very little maintenance.  The batteries simply need to be charged after each run. The eco-friendly vehicles also have fewer moving parts which make them easier and cheaper to maintain. It will no doubt feel great to be free from the burden of fluctuating gas prices. If they are well taken care of, electric go karts can work for more than five years compared to their gas-powered counterparts which require the replacement of the motor and frame every two years.


Finally, electric karts produce a more even, consistent performance.  They’re easy to steer and the brakes are very responsive. It is also possible to adjust the fore-carriage to make your driving as flawless as possible. You can even reverse the vehicle so you won’t need help getting it to move again if you end up in the wrong direction.

Electric go karts definitely seem to be worth the hype, whether for indoor or outdoor use. If you need speed, consistent performance and an eco-friendly experience while still keeping maintenance costs low, you’ve found your solution.

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