Should You Buy a Used or Certified Pre-Owned Car from Bloomington Used Car Dealerships?

Should You Buy a Used or Certified Pre-Owned Car from Bloomington Used Car Dealerships?

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There is a world of difference between a brand new car and a used car, the most obvious being the condition and the price.  While the latter is so much more affordable, the former guarantees that the car is in tip-top shape.  But there is a compromise between the two– a certified pre-owned car – so one does not have to choose one or the other.Available in Bloomington used car dealerships, these CPOs offer many advantages over a brand new or used car, including the following:

Less Depreciation Impact Than Brand New Cars

Owners of brand new cars suffer the most from depreciation.  The moment they drive their vehicle out of the dealer, its value goes down and continues to do so as time passes.

The steepest depreciation curve happens when a car is new, but this levels out eventually.  The next owner incurs minimal losses, or at least less than the original owner, while still enjoying a good certified pre-owned car.

Better Condition Than Used Cars

The difference between a used car and certified pre-owned car is, the latter goes through a stringent process before it gets its certification from the manufacturer.

A pre-loved car is first evaluated to see if it meets the standards in terms of age and condition.  Models that are too old or units that are too damaged or have mechanical issues are unlikely to pass.

A car that passesthen gets refurbished.  During the reconditioning process, portions that need to be fixed are repaired, including its mechanical components, its body and paint, and even its interior; and parts that are not in good condition are replaced. This may include brakes, the stick shift, or even a door knob that is not functioning properly. The finished product then undergoes a thorough inspection, covering 150 or more points, to ensure that the unit that goes back into the market is as good as new and something that the manufacturer would certify with confidence.

This means that buying a certified pre-owned car can just be as good as getting a brand new one, without spending as much.  You can search Bloomington used car dealershipsif they have the model and brand that you want.


Usually, certified pre-owned cars have warranties.  These vary, of course, but some either extend or are placed on top of the car’s existing warranty – that is, whatever is remaining of the latter.  Some give additional warranty for the powertrain, others can include 24-hour roadside assistance.

Financing Options

There are also financing options available, so you can pay for your pre-owned car with ease and less pressure.  Do your research, ask questions, and also find out about insurance and other expenses.

Of course, certified pre-owned cars can be more expensive than non-certified used cars, but the peace of mind it gives is worth it.  Ask Bloomington used car dealershipsif they have available CPOs that would meet your needs and preference.