Smart Pointers to Consider when Buying or Transferring Personalized Number Plates

Smart Pointers to Consider when Buying or Transferring Personalized Number Plates

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Even if vehicles have a mass-produced nature, most people have nearly personal relationship with them. A lot of manufacturers permit customizations when purchasing a new model and a number of owners will go as far as giving a name to their car. But for some, they make their vehicle unique by having a personalized number plate.

Today, traders have been successful in selling plates that have few characters or those that spell out phrases and names. A lot of number plates come from older vehicles. For instance, the S1 plate was the first plate in Edinburgh and is currently worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

How to Purchase Personalize Number Plates

Buying personalized number plates can be done in three ways.

Buying from the DVLA

The DVLA has a good search tool which lets you enter your criteria and browse a good collection of plates which meet your search terms.  These include results that are composed of current style number plates or those with two letters followed by two numbers. Also, the DVLA has a list of prefix plates or those issued before 2001.The DVLA holds period number plate auctions. These can be either physical or timed auctions.


Buying from a Broker

A lot of companies out there purchase and sell personalized number plates. In case you cannot find your desired plate on the website of the DVLA, consider searching the websites of brokers. Number plates that are sold through brokers can be more expensive than those sold directly by the DVLA.

Buying from Private Individuals

When you are after a certain number plate that you know exists; however, cannot find it through the DVLA or broker, pay attention to classified adverts in the motoring sections of newspapers or car magazines. The number plates advertised in classified ads are rare and usually priced to reflect this.


Transferring a Personalized Number Plate

If you have already bought the right plate and wish to keep it if you sell your vehicle, you can do this through the DVLA. You will pay an £80 service cost. However, when you still don’t have a car to put the plate on right away, the DVLA lets you hold the plate until you can register it to a new car. Moreover, transferring a personalized number plate can also be done by reputable private number plate sellers. Just look for them online.


Costs of Personalized Number Plates

The personalized number plates of the DVLA run from £200 to a few thousand. But when you buy a plate from a DVLA auction, the price of the plate is whatever somebody wants to pay on the day. Number plates that are sold through classified ads and brokers are usually rare and desirable so you may have to pay at least four figure sums for them. But, prices of plates tend to vary by dealers so it is worth looking out for a number of dealers, obtaining a quote and comparing their prices. Depending upon the rarity of your combination, you may just end up paying as little as £89 for a personalized number plate.

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