The 12 steps to be a good driver

The 12 steps to be a good driver

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Change some habits while driving significantly reduce the risk of an accident. Also know which are the most common offenses are recorded in the capital will keep you away from an infringement and will contribute to improve road culture are.

Annually recorded 24,000 road deaths, most mishaps are linked to speeding, recklessness and inexpertly we have behind the wheel, the only way to reduce these figures is to change our driving habits.

The mission is not easy, but not impossible. According to the Center for Experimentation and Road Safety (CESVI), these are the 12 most frequent errors Mexican drivers. Change is important because not only will reduce drastically the number accidents, but also, we will have a greater level of road culture. These are the sins:

  1. Safety distance: You do not have to go stapled to the car in front; you should consider that if he performs an emergency stop will not have enough space to stop. The recommended distance between a car and another five meters or you can apply the rule of two seconds, i.e., count to two before you start driving. Additionally Anticipate situations that are happening in front of other cars thus can react before it is too late.
  2. The way to take the wheel: A lot of drivers do with one hand or holding it with both hands at the top or bottom. We know always want to look like heartthrob spa, but lose this ability to react when having to make an emergency to maneuver. The correct way is as if it was a clock, placing your hands at a quarter to three or nine fifteen, preventing arms are fully extended. This way you get better control of the vehicle. To adjust this distance adjusts the seat so that your wrists are on the top of the steering wheel. If you looking for replica wheels for your vehicle then check out the UsaRim.
  3. The lane change: It is no secret that in Mexico this maneuver does the hard way. Before changing lanes you must use mirrors and make sure you have enough space and distance to the maneuver. Directional lights, it is well to save energy, but is set for something. Note that the other drivers can drive them know that will change lanes which will significantly reduce the chance of having an accident. Remember that the car has blind spots, so you should turn quickly to make sure you do not have another car aside. Currently some vehicles have sensors that indicate that it is not safe to change lanes.
  4. Speed limit: Respect the set speed for the road by which circulates is essential to prevent a mishap. Remember that road signs suggest traveling to certain kilometers per hour to avoid unnecessary risks. Speeding in this regard will always play against you.
  5. Using the seat belt: It is essential and if you have an accident will make the difference between living to tell about it or become part of the numbers of deaths in Mexico. The correct way to use it is that it passes over your shoulder and the bottom perfectly fits your hip, right where you use the belt of his pants, do otherwise will mean an injury rather than prevent it. Make sure that all people traveling in the car use it. If your vehicle is equipped with head restraints you must make sure that this positioned at the height of your head, it will reduce the risk of neck injury in a crash.
  6. Using the clutch: Having the expertise to make use of this pedal is one of the fundamental things while driving, make a bad changeup can cause the car makes a strange and lose control of the vehicle. It is important to consider that the average life of this element is two years, depending on driving habits. After this period it is best to change it.
  7. Distractions while driving : A constant is wanting to do more things when you’re behind the wheel, such as sending messages or talking on the phone, makeup, eat; finally, always looking for ways to take your eyes off the road, however, this is an extreme sport that can end in tragedy. We know that in these times being communicated is a priority, for it can make use of systems such as Bluetooth, connecting your phone to the sound system of the car or a headset that can be placed on the visor or in the ear. Consider that your car is not a room with wheels and much less a beauty salon, every time you eat or your makeup on it are risking your life and that of others, because you are not concentrating on the road, plus you are attacking the image of the garments of your car.
  8. Respect pedestrians and confined areas: It ‘s a battle every day, motorists do not respect pedestrian areas, causing them to have to walk through other areas putting themselves at risk. At a stoplight before hasten Make sure it all people have finished crossing the street. He considers that many pedestrians cross at the last second. According to data from INEGI last year more than 17 thousand people run over were recorded.
  9. Knowledge of traffic regulations: Not having any idea of the things that are prohibited is one of the factors that can put you at risk. Knowing your lines is easier than you think; you just need to check the website of your local government.
  10. Change speed: Traveling faster or slower than establishing a road is a risk for you and for others. Also do not travels in the speed require your engine will cause more wear and reducing their useful life.
  11. Driver’s license: It’s been controversial for a long time. In our country an exam in which you show that you have driving skills, so anyone can get a license with the simple fact of paying in the delegation does not apply. The lack of driving skills is a constant when registering an accident. The recommendation is to take a driving course trained to have full knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of a personal self. The family, of course, does not meet the profile of the steering wheel and teachers most likely to transmit their vices to handle.
  12. Use brake: Not all situations require emergency braking, but in our country the sudden braking is the bread of every day. If you have the proper distanced better stop your car gradually and thus avoid the car behind you will end up in your trunk. Remember to have a full command around you; you can help avoid an accident or changing lane anticipating that the car ahead stops suddenly.