Things to Consider a First-Time Van Buyer Should Consider

Things to Consider a First-Time Van Buyer Should Consider

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A number of people searching for a van among the thousands of discount van sales are first timers. There are a lot of makes and models, engine variants as well as lengths available in the market these days. And first-time buyers may have to learn some pointers so here is a helpful guide.

Picking the Best Van

First of all you need to check the cost involved with purchasing and operating a light commercial vehicle. You have to consider the purchase price although the van’s cost can be spread over a period of time through a hire purchase type of agreement.


Purchase Price

In case there is no finance involved you can easily compare the prices of new vehicles. However, beware because a number of dealers advertise their prices plus registration fee, delivery to the dealer and number plates. Make sure you compare apples to apples as you look at a couple of offers from two different dealers. As you compare confirm the van’s specification. Also, there are differing power outputs for what otherwise seems like an identical van. Keep in mind that there are as many as three roof heights and four loading lengths for contemporary panel vans today.

Additionally, when you find a van at a more distant location than your local area, it will be realistic about the cost to collect it. Add in your train, time, fuel, taxi fares and you can find that getting a local van maybe better after all for you.

Van Residual Prices

Keep in mind that you don’t just look at the van’s purchase price; rather you will also have to take into account what you would get for the van after three years.  Since professional fleet managers are expected to spend many hours thinking about vehicle residuals, why not give it some thought too?


Browse through listings of used vans in a van locator website to see the costs of three-year-old vans across the makes and models.

Operating Costs

Recently, van manufacturers published their CO2 and their MPG rating. So there is sketchy information on the economy of one compared to another when you look into the second hand van market. Even for the market for a new van, numbers must be taken with a pinch of salt since real-world van operations to make real fuel economy difference to the values published.


However, operating costs are not only about fuel consumption. Check the service intervals for various kinds of vans. Longer intervals mean cheaper vans.  After narrowing your choices down to a couple of makes, contact the local dealers so you can compare parts and servicing costs.

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