Three Considerations to Make Before Hiring a Mechanic

Three Considerations to Make Before Hiring a Mechanic

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Your car’s ac keeps breaking down, the engine isn’t functioning properly, or you have been stranded roadside a few days this past week alone. It is probably time to visit a local mechanic for repair work, and to determine what tune ups the car needs. With this in mind, you do not want to have to deal with an auto repair surprise, or a mechanic that is going to tell you several types of work have to be done, when in reality, a simple fix or tune up will do the job. So before you choose a local mechanic, consider these factors to find the right one.

1. Credentials – 
Is the shop ASE certified? Do all mechanics working there have all required certifications as well as licensing? Do they do a particular type of specialized work? Make sure you check the mechanic’s credentials before you allow them to touch your car. If they are not certified, are not licensed, or do not have a solid reputation in the local market, think twice about actually allowing them to do any work on you car.

2. Look out for red flags – 
If they tell you the engine is just fine when your car has died every day this week, without running a complete diagnostic test, this is a red flag to worry about. Or if the shop is deserted, has little to no movement, or is dated (doesn’t have new car lifts or equipment) these might also be signs you should turn elsewhere for repair work. Check a shop’s credentials, ratings, reviews, and find out what other locals have to say. If there are too many red flags, or if you keep finding negative reviews (without anything positive being said about the shop), there is probably a reason for this. It is a good idea to look elsewhere or to consider going to another local mechanic, for a second opinion on the work that has to be done.

3. Reputation is key – 
If you’ve ever had work done on your car before, you likely know some mechanics are highly qualified and respected, while others simply don’t meet the bill. Make sure you compare a few shops. Find out how well known the mechanic is, if they are qualified for the work to be done, if they are certified to do work on your car (engine, motor, series, etc). Basically you want to take as much time as possible to learn about the mechanic, the reputation, if they are honest, and if they are reliable. This will make a difference in work quality, guarantees, and warranties for all work they do on the car.

No matter what type of damage, repair, or general work is required, the right mechanic will make a world of difference in repair work quality. So as a vehicle owner, don’t leave things to chance, or simply go to a shop because they are the cheapest. Consider a few of these factors to avoid overpaying, or choosing a dishonest mechanic, who simply wants to charge you for work you really don’t need to do in the car.

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