What Kind of Suzuki Should You Get?

What Kind of Suzuki Should You Get?

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For those of you who are interested in purchasing a new or used Suzuki but are not sure what model suits you best, this article is for you. Suzuki is a versatile company, and it offers many types of models suited for many types of people. These are some of the models you should know about before purchasing a new Suzuki.


The Vitara is a compact SUV-style vehicle. Good for a family of two to five, this Suzuki offers enough space to seat five people comfortably with four doors. Because Suzuki can specialise in small cars, you might be worried about whether this vehicle has enough space for luggage, equipment, groceries, and more. The cargo and luggage space is plentiful on this vehicle making it ideal for road trips, taking your loved ones to the airport without worrying about whether there will be enough luggage space, and having plenty of room for other bags and boxes. If you’re looking for criteria similar to any of this, the Vitara might be for you.


If you’d like to go a little smaller, but you still want something with four doors and enough room to fit at least four passengers, the Celerio may be for you. While it’s smaller than some of its Suzuki counterparts, it’s perfect for driving in the city, commuting to a job, or going on a road trip with a few friends or family members. Its fuel efficiency is excellent at 4.7 litres of petrol per 100km.

If you’d like to purchase a Celerio but are unsure where to start, don’t worry. There are Suzuki Dealers in Melbourne that can set you up with your new Suzuki.



A slightly more rugged take on the compact SUV, this Suzuki has a 2.0 litre engine and a durable frame, built to last for drivers anywhere in the country. Its features can vary, depending on what packages are offered at your local dealer, but new SX4s can come with most of the standard features available on new cars. At 515L of boot space, you can be sure you’ll be able to fit extra stuff in your SX4 if you need to.


The Suzuki Swift is a sporty hatchback car with a 1.4L engine, seven airbags, and four doors, and it can come with automatic or manual transmissions. It’s a quick car, perfect for anyone who’s always on the go and needs good fuel efficiency. It’s a little smaller than some of the other Suzukis available, but the interior feels spacious and comfortable. This car is great for individuals who need to get places quickly without the hassle of worrying about whether their car will be too big to fit on the narrow streets.

Whether you’re looking for a road trip car, an adventure car, a city car, or a quick car used for multiple purposes, Suzuki will have you covered. You can either purchase used or new, but be sure to do the research before you make the purchase. Happy driving!

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