When the Inside of Your Car is as Clean as When You Drove it off the Lot

When the Inside of Your Car is as Clean as When You Drove it off the Lot

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The inside of your car is just as important as the outside.  Preserving that new-car smell is one of the great joys of life, opening the door and letting that great smell just waft out.  We know that keeping the interior of your car spotless gives you pride and bragging rights whenever you take someone for a ride.  It attaches something to how people view you; although the same could be said if you let the inside of your car become an additional trash collector.

The insides of our cars see a lot of abuse, with constant dirty traffic coming in and out.  So how can you make sure that the inside of your car stays clean?

What is involved in interior detailing?

Getting a professional auto detailer to take care of your car means you are giving it the best possible treatment that you could give it.  This is the attention that your vehicle needs to maintain its status as a clean car.

What is involved in detailing your car?

  • Car vacuuming

This means taking out the floor mats, moving the seats back and forth, getting into those cracks and crannies that no one ever sees.    How long have those crumbs been sitting there?

  • Cleaning the dashboard and console

This is the place where dust will pile up and set.  Also, there is the risk of damage from sun exposure.  Since we’re pretty much constantly seeing the dashboard, it makes sense to take care of this area.  A professional auto detailer will clean and treat this area so there is no fading or cracking.

  • Cleaning all parts of the door

The panel itself as well as the door jamb need a good cleaning.  Getting into the handles, window cranks, and any pockets or cubbies that are in the door is essential.  Depending on if your door is vinyl, leather, or fabric, an auto detailing professional will know exactly which products to use to make your doors look brand new.

  • Floor mats and carpets

A thorough vacuum plus an intense clean of deeply dirtied areas is exactly what your vehicle needs

  • Proper leather care

Taking care of the leather in your car, such as the seats, is very important.  This material is delicate and needs to be treated properly.  A professional auto detailer knows that with time, leather can be more susceptible to dirt and oils and needs to be properly protected.  A professional will make sure your seats aren’t wet or slippery, but look exactly as they did when you drove the car off the lot!

  • Engine detailing

This is an interior part of your car that you may not think about cleaning, but imagine how terrible that engine looks after years of use!  Show off your fantastic engine with pride after getting it properly detailed by an auto detailing professional.

The interior of your car needs just as much attention and care as the exterior.  A professional car detailer in Perth can provide the service that you need.